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Prompt! provides services to companies of different sizes, in various industries and application areas.

Companies with a large existing call volume, like call centers or telecom operators, can achieve considerable cost reductions by automating their current applications with speech technology. Speech-driven applications allow for much higher automation rates than classic IVR applications. Automation has a positive impact on caller satisfaction, because the speech application is available around the clock. Also, gone are the times of annoying waiting queues!

Companies that have not so far used the telephone as a full-blown communication channel, also benefit from speech-driven applications. They can set up a completely new sales or customer service channel, for the fraction of the cost of an operator-only call center.

Companies that create or distribute valuable information themselves, can tap into new revenue sources by opening a paying speech-driven information line.

The ubiquity of the (mobile) phone makes literally everybody a potential user of your information line. Each new initiative to make information accessible by phone is especially appreciated by blind or visually impaired persons.